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Welcome! This site is a collection of things I wish I'd had when I was first diagnosed with HSV! My main endeavor is the podcast I created to share my story and answer many of the questions you may have! It's educational, funny, and it's definitely vulnerable af, so check it out! 

The other pages are resources that helped me work through the stages of diagnosis as well as links, videos, IG accounts and more things that just make me happy. I hope they make you happy too. There's lots of resources for partners and those who just want to learn more! You can even see how to easily get tested and access medication, and how to learn your body.

I was frustrated and overwhelmed that all of the information wasn't in one place when I was educating myself on HSV, so that's what I'm doing here. One place with real answers and real people. 

I'll always be adding more and updating the pages, so check back! I update everything on my IG faster than here, so come follow me! 

Support me, my resources & my time here!




Original resources featured in course work from Evelin Dacker, MD:

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