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Ladies let's talk about sex

Sex and Self is a registered Canadian non-profit that works to provide vulva-owners with comprehensive sexual educational seminars, workshops, events, and resources. "We believe that it is a basic human right to have autonomy and agency over one’s body."


We dive into herpes misconceptions, my journey with social media and herpes education, and practical tips for living Positively Positive.

Uncivilized conversations

Talking about mental health and breaking down stigmas about anything from sexuality to politics. Nothing is off topic. All the shit you wouldn't talk about at a civilized dinner party.


This episode, we break down how herpes has been stigmatized through a lack of proper sex education and misinformation portrayed by the media. We explore the benefits of intimacy and communication through herpes in a light and fun, digestible way!


This Second Chance Life documents the journey of Lucinda post liver transplant, as she lives with an incurable autoimmune disease and shows that even in the face of adversity, there is hope. Lucinda interviews others who have experienced life changing situations, and through them found ways to bring positive results to themselves and others. 

Can a positive STI result be a positive thing in your life? Our guest has taken a life-changing diagnosis and used it as the impetus to create an incredible podcast to help others. Most of us have heard about STIs, but do you know what's stigma and what's truth? She's got it all covered! Her story is one of hope. A young lady who wasn't given a choice, but went on to use her experience to help others.


Meet Headmasters Benjamin LaRiviere and Mehgan Sapphire (Sapphire's Earplay) of  F*CK University! Here you can freely ask your headmasters questions that you may have been scared to ask before and learn some sexy facts along the way!


Can God and sex coexist? So many of us grew up with the two in contradiction. Your headmasters break down their own struggles this week with the host of Positively Positive Podcast, comparing and contrasting a conservative Anglican upbringing, a surprisingly moderate Catholic one, and one where religion was important but clarity? Not so much. Tune in for a deep dive into our experiences.

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