outbreak diary

This downloadable, printable, fill out online-able PDF is designed to help you figure out how to separate paranoia from actual symptoms and get a handle on what the frack your body & mind are actually doing. Learning HSV triggers can be tricky, takes time, and is different for everyone. Having a record will help you learn how your individual body works, how to help prevent obs in the future, and hopefully ease your mind. Cuz if you're gunna have an outbreak, you might as well make it useful.

*If you are a medical professional/therapist/counselor/support provider/coach, etc. and would like to use this copyrighted resource for your clients/patients, please reach out to me via email with the proposed nature of usage.*


Course work from Dr. Evelin Dacker: Board-Certified Integrative and Holistic Family Physician specializing in sexual health and consent.

TOOLKIT of Rae Kennedy, RN, Certified Holisitic Sexuality Educator

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