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Stop fighting with doctors who won't give you/potential partners the correct test for HSV. It's the IGG blood test & it's accurate 4-6 months after contracting the virus. (Their website says HSV1 is oral and HSV2 is genital. This is not accurate, both types can be both locations. But they have the right test.)

1. Choose location

2. Select test & pay for lab paperwork online - IT'S ONLY $49 BRUH

3. Schedule appointment, go in to get blood taken

4. Results in a few days!

You can also get the ACTUAL "everything" test here for $198 - same process, different company. (HSV1, HSV2, HIV1, HIV2, Hep A, Hep B, Hep C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, & Syphilis) 


Remember, when you insist on being tested for "everything" - you're still only probably being tested for HIV/syphilis (blood draws) and chlamydia/gonorrhea (urine samples). LOOK AT YOUR ACTUAL PAPERWORK RESULTS. GO PICK THEM UP. Thanks my loves.


Any public Sexual Health Clinic will do an HSV swab test free of charge. Accurate within 48hrs of new outbreaks. These clinics also provide free of charge testing for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas and yeast infections. Your family doctor should also be providing all this at no cost. Yay Canada! As for the HSV blood test when no outbreak is present...


BRITISH COLUMBIA: Doctors will order the test when pushed to do so, some people had to pay, others not

ALBERTA: Public Sexual Health Clinics provided IGG blood test no problem (Calgary area) at no cost

SASKATCHEWAN: No problem getting the 10 panel STD test from primary care provider at no cost

MANITOBA: No problem getting the IGG test from primary care provider at no cost

ONTARIO: Public Sexual Health Clinics will NOT do the blood test. Only swabs of current outbreaks. People have had mixed luck with getting family doctors to do the blood test for them/order them a req for LifeLabs 

LifeLabs (located in Toronto, ON and B.C.) does the IGG blood test for HSV. You do need a doctor's requisition to get it, I've attached an example pdf of what that lab req looks like. In section 3 your doc would write:

Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) IgG Immune Status 


Any doctor in any province/territory can send a form like this to LifeLabs. You may or may not have to pay out of pocket, I've heard of people getting it no problem for free, others who have had to ask around and paid $160 CAD for it. I don't know why some people get it free and others don't.

There's also this site with at home kits for HSV1 & 2 for $149...but I'd ask your doctor before spending ANY money! You might not have to!

The main thing is to talk to your doctor and insist they order this test. I have heard over and over that doctors say no at first, and when pushed, they will do it. Stick up for yourself, use your voice. You can do it. So can your (potential) partners.

Please email me and let me know your general location and where you successfully got tested! I'll update so everyone can be safe and sexy!


Access TO Meds

(US only - probably similar services where you live - let me know!)

If you do not have access to a doctor or meds for herpes outbreaks, you can order the anti-virals online from lemonaidhealth.com in a few easy steps:

1. Visit site, click on Cold Sore or Genital Herpes button (same meds lol - acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir)

2. Questionnaire (asks about medical/outbreak history, you need to provide ID)

3. Online consult with a real doctor (some states legally require this to be a video chat)

4. Get Prescription (Yes, you have to pay.)

5. Meds in the mail in a few business days!


PRICING varies. Below is for ONE TIME prescription. For daily suppression therapy, it's $50/3months.

*Below is an EXAMPLE of dosage and the doctor you speak with will help determine what is right for you specifically.

*This is not me telling you how much of anything you should take. This is me sharing an OPTION to accessing anti-virals.

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felix - canada online meds.jpg

Felix For You is very similar to LemonAidHealth above, but in Canada! They provide online prescriptions and you can even transfer your current prescription over to them! Click the pic to get started! (You can even get your birth control via Felix! Heck yes! Their FAQ here.


Download the app or visit the Nurx website! You can also get birth control from them, which is pretty dope!



NURX is another online meds service! (U.S. only)

outside usa/canada?

Let me know where/how you got the IGG blood test or online medications in your country/city so I can share it here!

Thanks for helping out!

I won't see your name, email address or anything about you, other than what you type in. This form is generated through the site, and I get an automated email from my website host. Thanks for helping out!

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